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Proxy rewards stakers with compounding interest that increases your PRXY holdings every block.

Treasury regulated APY

Proxy is designed with long-term protocol sustainability, with backing from institutional liquidity.

Balanced protection

The fewer PRXY staked, the higher APY. PRXY is evenly distributed for staking rewards. More PRXY staked reduces the APY, but pushes PRXY price higher, creating a balance that protects your investment.

sPRXY token

The staked PRXY Token is issued at a 1:1 Ratio to PRXY.  sPRXY will rebase and change to reflect the increasing amount of PRXY you have earned.


By purchasing liquidity with a discounted price of PRXY. You earn yield, and the revenue grows the treasury.

Treasury revenue

Bond Sales and LP Fees increase the Treasury Revenue and lock in liquidity to help control PRXY supply.

Treasury growth

Inflow from bonds is used to increase treasury balance and back outstanding PRXY tokens which regulates staking APY

Liquidity control

Purchasing liquidity allows the protocol to pair it with BTCpx and allocate resources as needed.


Innovative, one-of-a-kind programs that generate fees and unlock the capital held in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin farming

The only protocol that allows you to farm Bitcoin. Stake $PRXY for a share of the transaction fees from the minting and redeeming of BTCpx. These fees are paid in BTCpx and redeemable for Bitcoin.

Interest bearing iBTCpx

Institutional partners and LPs of BTC can earn stable interest rewards to enhance their Bitcoin holdings.


Voting by different communities including Core Developers, Partners, Token Holders, and DAO Members.

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BTC Proxy is compatible with Ethereum and Polygon Networks